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Citizens do not come forward to police with information for three basic reasons: Fear of retaliation, fear or apathy about becoming involved and uncertainty as to the proper procedures and contact within the police structure or lack of confidence that the information would be utilized.  In 2008, Scotland Crime Stoppers began with the cooperation of both citizens and Law Enforcement Agencies of Scotland County, NC.  Four years later, in 2012, Scotland Crime Stoppers was discontinued and was no longer an active program for Scotland County, NC.  Then in 2021, Scotland Crime Stoppers, with the cooperation of the Laurinburg Police Department and the Scotland County Sheriffs Department was re-established.  Scotland Crime Stoppers is a non-profit 501(c)3 which relies on donations from businesses, community and civic groups as well as individual citizens.  These funds are then used to pay cash rewards.

Mission Statement

To encourage cooperation between Community, Media and Law Enforcement.  Scotland Crime Stoppers relies on this cooperation by working together to remove criminals and illegal drugs from the streets, recover stolen property, reduce crime rate, solve cases that may otherwise remain mysteries, perform in a preventative function and saving investigative time and tax payers money.  To provide rewards for information that lead to arrests of criminals.  This information is provided with a guarantee of anonymity combined with monetary incentives from fundraising events and donations from businesses, community, civic groups as well as individual citizens.  Scotland Crime Stoppers is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization.  Anyone can contribute by sending your tax-deductible contribution to Scotland Crime Stoppers, 303 W. Church Street, Laurinburg, NC 28352.

Who is Involved

Chris Young      Coordinator, Laurinburg Police Department
Randy Dover      Coordinator, Scotland County Sheriffs Department
Jeff Cooke      Coordinator, Laurinburg Police Department
Darryl Ford      Coordinator, Scotland County Sheriffs Department
Kenny Locklear      Coordinator, Wagram Police Department
Ron Hucks      Chairman, Scotland Crime Stoppers
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Scotland Crime Stoppers